Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords

★ STRIP 2.3 released with Time-based One-time Password support, learn more »

★ STRIP unaffected by Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability, learn more »

Use STRIP to store passwords, financial details, and other data without fear of prying eyes, device loss or theft. STRIP has been keeping data secure on mobile devices for a long time.


Everywhere You Are

STRIP works on all the platforms you use, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Desktop and Mac OSX, keeping your information at your fingertips whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go.


Complete Data Encryption

Data entered into STRIP is fully encrypted with 256-bit AES using the peer-reviewed and open-source encryption engine SQLCipher. Open-source software is inherently more secure software. 


Flexible Data Model

Organize your information into Categories, Entries, and Fields. Define your own labels and set the data types to control behavior.


Quick and Easy Access

STRIP lets you quickly search across your entire database of sensitive information, or look up recently accessed entries.


Sync & Multi-Device Replication

Synchronize data changes across multiple platforms using Google Drive, Dropbox, or a local WiFi network.

What People are Saying

By far the most resiliant app to password cracking
— Elcomsoft, Black Hat EU
As secure as you can get for a password manager.
— iOS Sec Tester
If you are tired of trying to remember too many passwords, this tool is indispensable.
— TechRepublic
Configurable, easy to use and secure... Highly recommended.
— App Store Review